Summer Sculpture Series: Arriving Home

The Beaverbrook Art Gallery’s TD Sculpture Garden extends its exhibition space outdoors in a park-like setting, enhancing the visual presence of the space for members of the public. Come for a stroll in the garden today – admission to the Gallery not required.

Arriving Home is an outstanding work from the mature career of this preeminent American sculptor Dennis Oppenheim (1938-2011).

Its transparent panels reflect the prevailing ever-changing light conditions of sky blue and the sun’s golden glow, its strong containing outlines create an effect reminiscent of a stained-glass window. At its tip is the image of a gable-roofed house; the sculpture’s coiled, roller coaster-twister shape personifies the energy and exhilaration felt by a traveler as they approach home. Its form resembles a ram’s horn or perhaps the ancient ceremonial trumpet, the shofar. It is the most important work by this internationally renowned artist in a Canadian public collection.

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