The SJTC hosted its Annual General Meeting (AGM) on December 6 at the company home at 112 Princess Street. Dean Turner, President of the SJTC Board of Directors, presented a re-cap of the company’s activities for the 2016-2017 season, Treasurer Robert Crowley presented a positive financial report for the fiscal year, while Artistic Director Stephen Tobias focused on upcoming projects.

Dean Turner, who has been an integral part of the Board for close to a decade and served as President since January 2011, has stepped down from his role, however, he will remain an active member of the SJTC Board. Former Vice President George Daniel has been elected the new SJTC Board President. The company would like to thank Dean Turner for his many years of outstanding support and leadership.

George Daniel has been an energetic and proactive Board member since January of 2012. His enthusiasm for the success and growth of the company has been a strong asset to the company over the past six years.

The SJTC is also pleased to welcome four new members to the Board: Marketing Specialist Emily Teed, Lawyer and dedicated SJTC volunteer Jon O’Kane, Communications and Community Manager Kate Shannon, and Operational Excellence Specialist and Consultant Nicole Paquet. Board member Dr. Sandra Bell will be transitioning into the role of Vice President.