Sister City announced for Landline
Saint John Landline ticket buyers will be walking the city with theatre goers from…
Whitehorse, Yt
September 15, 16 & 17
Time slots available for booking:
Friday, Sept 15 – 7pm to 8pm
Saturday, Sept 16 – 4pm to 5pm
7pm to 8pm
Sunday, Sept 17 – 4pm to 5pm
7pm to 7:30pm
(Participants leave 10-15 min apart)
Please watch this short vid and you’ll understand more about this cool and unique experience!
All about the show:
  • LANDLINE is a performance that takes place in two cities at once.
  • Each audience member listens to an audio guide and walks the city streets while conversing via instant messaging with a partner who is doing the same in WHITEHORSE.
  • The project uses the urban landscape as backdrop for the relationship forming between two strangers.
  • You book your chosen time and meet up @ Imperial to gather your instructions and the contact info for your city-mate.
  • Requirements: You’ll need to have a data plan and a text-enabled mobile phone.

To book your tickets:
Call the Box Office @ (506) 674-4100
(Hours: Mon-Fri, 10am to 5pm)