– Call for Submissions from EMERGING & PROFESSIONAL ARTISTS of all disciplines for THE BRIDGE PROJECT

– Submission Deadline June 20th 2017
– Send submissions to Danielle Chiasson at thebridge@solochickenproductions.com
– For more information visit www.solochickenproductions.com

Solo Chicken Productions is seeking proposals from artists from a variety of genres (dance, theatre, music, visual art, craft, circus, film) to perform or install work as a part of their Canada 150 Project, THE BRIDGE that will be presented on Friday September 8th 2017 on the Fredericton Walking Bridge.  Solo Chicken is seeking artists to ‘animate’ a moment, event or stretch of time between 1867 to 2017 through their chosen artistic medium and through their unique perspective.  

(All artists will be offered an honorarium for their participation in the project.)


On Friday September 8th from 5PM-8PM the walking bridge will be filled from end to end with unique artistic expressions of our history.  There are a few essential parameters to keep in mind when designing your work so that we can achieve our goal of filling the bridge with so many artists!

– There are no restrictions on WHAT you can do but keep in mind that the audience will contain all ages.
– We welcome works that seek to interrogate rather than celebrate our difficult past.
– There will be NO power available, which means no lights or sound.  (But keep in mind your audience will literally be standing right beside you.)
– For visual art & craft installations we welcome wild and crazy ideas about how and where to hang things.  We may not be able to fulfill those wild ideas but we will do our best.
– When designing a performance-based proposal please think about the flow of audience beside or through your work.  Also keep in mind that you will need to repeat your performance many times between 5PM-8PM.  
– Performances should be limited to 1-4 minutes.


Please include the following information in the proposal:

– 200 word max proposal detailing WHAT you plan to perform/install and WHY. (The WHY is about why you are drawn to animating that particular time in our shared history.)
– Total number of performers needed, Estimated cost of materials.
– Please put ALL the information in one document in the .doc format.  (No rich text, pages, dropbox, google docs etc.)


Solo Chicken Productions Presents – THE BRIDGE – LE PONT – SOQASUWAKON

Who are we?  Where do we come from? And where are we going?

Mark Canada’s 150th Anniversary through an artistic interrogation, exploration and celebration of our past, present and future, by walking over the mighty Wolastoq River via the walking bridge and take a metaphorical and literal journey through time.  On Friday September 8th 2017 Solo Chicken Productions in creative partnership with a multitude of community groups, organizations and artists, will use the bridge as the conduit for a multi-media exploration of our history from 1867 to 2017.  The bridge will become a living time tunnel through which the audience will walk descending or ascending through our collective history.

A true community project, each moment on the timeline will be interrogated, explored and celebrated by a different community group or artist through their own medium, be it music, film, dance, theatre, visual art, performance art or poetry.  Solo Chicken Productions, Lisa Anne Ross, playwright Ryan Griffith and Wolastoqiyik artist Natalie Sappier, acting as the key artistic team, are working collaboratively to identify key moments in time not only for the Wolastoqiyik, English and French but for our diverse population.  The BRIDGE Project is meant to be, not just a celebration and recounting of historical facts, but an exploration and interrogation of that past from multiple and diverse perspectives.  A walk meant to help us see where we have come from and where we can go.


The BRIDGE Project is working with an exciting array of professional artists who are ‘animating’ a moment on the timeline using their chosen artistic medium.  Projects include; a tapestry tribute to Sandra Lovelace (Danielle Hogan), a collection of tiny beavers commemorating the year (1975) that the beaver became our national animal (Sylvette Fortin), a long form improv performance examining a variety of tense political moments in our history (Hot Garbage Player), short theatre performances written by Ryan Griffith and performed by Next Folding Theatre Company and Theatre St. Thomas and a performance art piece paying homage to the Wolastoq (Natalie Sappier).


Various community groups and organizations, with the support of Solo Chicken Productions are animating other moments on the time line. Solo Chicken is providing facilitators and artists to each group and helping them to craft an artistic response.  Each performance will represent a moment in our collective history, and will offer an opportunity for the audience to experience the diversity of perspectives that make up our shared history.  Projects include; a theatre project examining the question of ‘What is culture?’ with MCAF teen girls group, an art project with Connaught Street School that looks at school artifacts of the past and present, an art installation with the NB Queer Heritage Initiative that shows an intimate and moving glimpse into New Brunswick’s Queer history, a dance performance with the Indo-Canadian Cultural Association created by Manisha Verma that explores the challenges faced by Asian women who have recently immigrated to Canada and a banned book exhibition from The Fredericton Public Library to name just a few.

To find out more about the project visit www.solochickenproductions.com and click on The Bridge.