An illusory visual sensation that persists after the momentary exposure of an image, even after its disappearance.


The organizers of Images Rémanentes are proud to announce the participating artists to this major exhibition project. The thirteen artists will each produce permanent works that will, as a whole, create a public art trajectory in the city of Moncton. The public is invited to follow the progression of these works on social media and at events which will take place over the course of the next year. The exhibition will be inaugurated in December 2018.

The artists

Alisa Arsenault     Maryse Arseneault
Jared Betts     Mathieu Boucher Côté
Jean-Denis Boudreau     Marjolaine Bourgeois
Luc A. Charette     Mario Doucette
Marika Drolet-Ferguson     Emilie Grace Lavoie
Mathieu Léger     Jacinthe Loranger
Dominik Robichaud
Each work will emphasize the exceptional contribution of an organization, event or person to the vitality of the milieu. Resulting from extensive research, using various approaches, on important contributors to the “Acadian Renaissance” in visual arts, the collection of works will be permanently integrated into places where Acadian artistic expression still resonates, namely, and among others, the Aberdeen Cultural Center. All of the works produced will form an artistic itinerary in the city of Moncton.

This project meets the need to study, document and commemorate artistic production in Acadie by inserting the past into the present in order to render the development of the artistic milieu visible and accessible. By emphasizing the creation of new works rather than offering a traditional retrospective perspective, the project becomes a real chapter in the history of art in Acadie and a reference point for Acadian artists to come.

Images Rémanentes is the result of a collaboration between l’Atelier d’estampe Imago, Galerie d’art Louise-et-Reuben-Cohen and Galerie Sans Nom. This project is one of 200 exceptional projects supported by the Canadian Council for the Arts New Chapter Program. With this $ 35-million investment, the Canadian Council for the arts supports the creation and sharing of the arts at the heart of our lives and across Canada. The project is also made possible with the support of the province of New Brunswick.

For information, images or interviews : Michelle Drapeau and Elise Anne LaPlante, curators