Sunday October 15th

Join us at 1pm for opening festivities and free workshops

Call for times and to register! 458-2028

Choosing Colours: Abstract Painting with Jennifer Lee Wiebe

Create your own painting with Masterworks as examples. Jen will introduce you to the Bauhaus concepts of colour contrasts: hue, saturation, extension, complements and value.

Urban Sketching on Historic Queen Street with Marcus Kingston

Learn how to draw perspective and architectural features on a walking tour.

Feuilletoscope/Flipbooks with Anne Marie Sirois EN FRANCAIS

Un feuilletoscope est un petit livre réunissant une suite d’images destinée à être feuilletée pour donner l’impression de mouvement créant ainsi une séquence animée.

Sunprints with Karen Ruet

Create photographs using the sun on light sensitive paper inspired by the nature infused work of Marlene Creates and Thaddeus Holownia.

Portrait Drawing with Glenn Priestley

Discover the fundamentals necessary for creating a likeness.

Flow Painting with Vicky Lentz

An exciting and colourful painting technique that everyone can do!

The New Kid on the Block – an architectural tour with John Leroux

Discover the new pavilion with this specialized walking tour.

Registration required: