Gallery 78 is celebrating the art and beauty of our region in the exhibition Vistas of the East.  These glorious depictions of our rural and urban landscapes are sure to delight the senses and quiet the soul.  These are the places we love.  The places we love to explore.  The places we love to call home.  This visual refreshment includes paintings by perennial favourites Glenn Hall, David McKay, Réjean Roy, Raymond Martin, Stephen Scott, James Wilson and Andrew Henderson.


Gallery 78, 796 Queen St. (corner of Church and Queen), Fredericton
Open: Tues to Fri 10am-5pm, Sat 10am-3pm, Sun 1-4pm or visit virtually at:


The ethereal beauty of delicate and fleeting blossoms have been captured and magnified in the exhibition The Splendour of Serenity. Enjoy the tranquil, fragrant beauty of the many shades of white as captured by Joanne Hunt, Cathy Ross, Susan Paterson, Colin Hugh Smith, Joseph Plaskett and Molly Lamb Bobak.


These new exhibitions will be on display until Sunday, July 30. We look forward to your visit.