Danielle Hogan’s “Painting Barcelona” and Guy Vézina’s “Signals” at Gallery 78

Guy Vézina combines vistas of remote wild landscapes with abstract linear and geometric designs to show the impact of human activity, such as invisible radio frequencies, electromagnetic waves, and satellite telecommunication on the physical environment.  Making these signals visible, Vézina draws our attention to the ever changing interactions humans have with the environment.  The lines also represent messages from the land which we may have difficulty hearing due to virtual noise.

Danielle Hogan spent part of the summer of 2016 participating in an artist residency in Barcelona.  This vibrant capital of Catalonia with the fantastical landmarks of Antonio Gaudi can be visually overwhelming, so Danielle, through the practice of watercolour “slows down the ‘gulp-like’ aspect of seeing” as she struggles – unsettled and fascinated in equal parts – to take in the sights, smells, sounds and textures of each unique place.  Watercolour allows Danielle to savour the visual experiences.  The results are meditative, delicate paintings which evoke a sense of peace and wonder in those who look on.

Both exhibitions continue to Sunday, March 19

Gallery 78, 796 Queen St. (corner of Church and Queen), Fredericton
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