ArtsLink seeks to help more artists build their careers in New Brunswick

ArtsLink NB is offering a fee vacation for students who hope to become professional artists. Across the province there was a 37% decline in the number of persons aged 25- 34 working in arts and cultural occupations between 1996 and 2006 while the number across Canada rose by 10%. Young artists represent the future of our sector, and by reaching greater numbers of them through this year’s fee vacation, ArtsLink NB hopes to give new artists a boost through a vulnerable time in their career.

“While our normal fee for students is only $25, we recognize that even this amount may be a barrier for art students. Our hope is that by bringing students in, we’ll be able to demonstrate the value of engaging a professional peer network early on” explains ArtsLink NB director, Gillian Dykeman. “Artists tell us the story of who we are, and in NB, we need to retain the people best equipped to do so. A big part of the push in our programming right now is to give artists the tools they need to succeed right here.”

ArtsLink NB is offering a high-value workshop series this year, FREE for ArtsLink members. While these workshops are great for any artist seeking to better promote their work and support their career, they will be especially beneficial to student artists (register now!) looking for those first steps to take after graduating from their post-secondary training.

  • Writing for a grant – Clearly explaining your artistic vision to a panel of strangers can be difficult. This workshop improves that skill, and demystifies the application process.

  • Documenting your work cost effectively – Good images and high quality recordings make for better sales and stronger applications.

  • Participate in an artist residency – Besides offering dedicated time to produce creative work, residencies help artists to build their networks at national and international scales. They circulate the work of NB artists and help artists to connect with new exhibition and performance opportunities.

Dykeman explains “Our sincere hope is to see an increase in artists working full time in their chosen field. It would be great to have artists participating in the labour force at rates closer to the national average.”*

Further information

* “Only 20% of New Brunswick artisans and craftspeople worked full time/full year in 2005 compared to 41% nationally . A vast majority – 83% – of those not working full-time said they would do so if financially feasible.” Campbell, David. Sustaining New Brunswick’s Arts and Culture Workforce. ArtsLink NB. 2014.

“Artists and Cultural Workers in Canada’s Provinces and Territories” Hill Strategies. 2014.

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Image Credit: Julie Whitenect
“Writing for a Grant with John Murchie at Gallery on Queen”