Andrew Patterson in residence at Imago March 12-25th
Meet and Greet Thursday March 23, 5pm

During my residency at Atelier Imago, I’ll be creating a series of neo-concrete poems entitled FHOLDING PATTERNS. These text-objects invite the audience to consider language as a moveable bed, to imagine reading as a form of writing; exploring what it means to encounter language in an embodied sense. Of particular concern is how we come to hold a certain meaning, and how this meaning gently folds in light of time and effort pressing. Concluding the residency, the public will be invited to activate FHOLDING PATTERNS through touch, reflex, thought, reading and play. 

Andrew Patterson is a writer/reader/listener based in Halifax, Nova Scotia. A poet interested in phenomenological approaches to language, his practice explores gesture, listening, shared experience and the cultural location of play. Andrew’s work, which spans printed matter, mixed-media installation, performance and instructional poetry, seeks a balance between the sensual and semiotic experiences of language. By locating the poetic gesture in unlikely forms and cultural spaces, communication becomes less a function of transmission and more a sharing that becomes subject. All with intention to reward and encourage curiosity.