New Executive Directer at the Imperial Theatre

Imperial has a new Executive Director!
Lee Bolton is leaving us on June 27th (we’re going to miss you Lee!). Filling Lee’s shoes will be our current Assistant Executive Director, Angela Campbell.
Angela has been with the Theatre for thirteen years and is the first home-grown Executive Director of Imperial Theatre since it reopened 24 years ago.  She will lead us all into our 25th Season and we can’t wait to see what happens next!

New ‘Harbour’ paintings are now online!

HARBOUR (new plein air paintings by Sarah Jones of cranes and other things on the water) opened last Friday at the gallery. See the entire collection now also on the online shop! 

These new paintings are part of an ongoing exploration of the transient nature of Saint John’s urban and industrial landscape. Sarah is here trying to evoke the fluidity of these sites. She notes that even things so seemingly stolid as the harbour cranes are constantly moving and changing, much like the water and ships around them.

The Gynocratic Art Gallery: June 2017 Glogewjiwinu

Thank you to our Mi’kmaq artists for graciously sharing their work, and to our elder Gilbert Sewell for his gentle guidance and care. 

A word about Glogewjiwinu, a collection of traditional and digital art by Mi’kmaq artists from New Brunswick, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland.  

“The title of our exhibition for the month of June is Glogewjiwinu. The word translates from Mi’kmaq to mean star peoplepeople in the stars, or people of the stars.   (Beautifully, I may also be translated to mean “people dealing with the stars”.)”


Much like nature, we may observe the changing landscapes of artists sharing their art via apps and social media today. I’ve always been fascinated with the power of social media and the freedom it gives to everyone who has access to it. It’s a place for voice, and a realm where people can create, learn and tell their own stories. Art is inevitable. The sharing of it, intuitive and engaging.

This past winter, many storm days were often lit with images of light from my own family, but also from an array of artists that found their way onto my screen. From Instagram to SoundCloud, the nature of this technology led me into a beautiful world of Mi’kmaq expression by more young artists I didn’t know existed. I observed something special happening here, a whole new generation of Mi’kmaq who were living, breathing, surviving examples of everything our ancestors wanted for us. 

Curating is something I am new to, and I’ve come to view it as creation itself. I serve to present these 9 Mi’kmaq artist’s work, with the guidance of our Elder (10) in the light they were meant to shine in -on the forefront- in order to extrapolate and share their meanings into what’s next, living, current. By being who they are, sharing, and learning about their heritage, these talented artists are building a stronger generation. In their expressions, I see we are alive and ever-evolving as Mi’gmaq people, vibrant in our ancestral spheres. 

My father always told me that when I create, I become the creator, and that this spirit follows through in my work. I see this in these young artists’ work as well. These images of light, mixed with those of resistance have created an atmosphere of pure strength and resilience to draw from. For me, they evoke a sense of celestial peace and wonder. They also share the reality of the grief we are trying to move through due to historical and personal trauma. 

When I shared what I was seeing with my father, we talked about the glows, the themes of the pieces, and a common thing shone though. These were images that had to do with the sky and our relationship to it, as well as how we navigate the earth and our relationships with each other. From the smudge bowl carrying our prayers to our creator, to rainbows, starlight -sentience- legends painted in bold lines and colors, the forms and the shimmering …the first word he said was “Glogewjiwinu”. We were viewing expressions of people of the stars. And since we believe we come from the stars, the name suited this exhibit as a whole.

So on this first day of summer I celebrate our young Mi’kmaq artists. I hope you are inspired by this presentation of photography, paintings, drawings, spoken word, digital and traditional art as much as I am. This exhibit is my way of honoring them for their ingenuity, spirit, courage, knowledge and creativity. 

You are exquisite. 

Our ancestors are close.  🌌

June 21, 2017 

Phyllis Grant

See the full list and details on their website here!

Studio Space now available in Fredericton!

The Charlotte Street Arts Centre is looking for a new tenant to join our community Arts building!  With just under 425 sq. ft. this centrally located, beautiful space in downtown Fredericton boasts high ceilings with an abundance of natural light. This charming space would make a wonderful home for an artist or collective of artists looking to share a space and get those creative juices flowing!

To book a viewing:

Building Description:
732 Charlotte St, Charlotte Street Arts Centre
Studio, Room 133
Space Availability: Just under 425 sq. ft
Rent: $575/ month including utilities
One year lease contract

NB Film Co-op member is reborn through new company

We have been re-born. As you can see by our cover photo Let Em Laugh as a public facing company has been retired. The past few years of entertaining all of you as Let Em Laugh has been a ride like non other.

Let Em Laugh, the name, came from those who mocked or laughed at our desire to make films. Well, 3 full length movies, countless music videos, and a web series later, we have nothing more to prove to the naysayers.

M.A.D. 5 has many meanings, which we will elaborate upon at a later time, just know that we are fiercely independent and feel like we have been too quiet when it comes to film in New Brunswick, and Canada as a whole. This is who we are, outspoken, driven and ready to do film one way, our way.

No artist should be restricted by decision makers, jury’s or panels who look at a form to make a decision, art comes from within. Execution of art comes from teamwork, success comes from the audience.

We are M.A.D. 5, and we will have much more to say very soon. Until then, thank you, all of you who have followed us over the years as Let Em Laugh, and we promise you, everything you loved about us then, will carry forward as we speed into the next stage of our journey. is live, but the full launch will be happening later this summer. Stay tuned, as we have many more announcements to follow.

National exhibition to be held at Gallery 78 -Society of Canadian artists


Toronto, ON — The Society of Canadian Artists (SCA) is pleased to announce their 2017 Elected Members’ Exhibition

will be held at Gallery 78, Fredericton. This major national juried show runs from June 16 to July 9, 2017. The opening reception will be held on Friday, June 16 from 5 to 7 PM, when the awards will be presented.

The exhibition’s theme is “Oh, Canada – Our Home and Native Land,” in celebration of Canada’s 150 birthday celebration. This year also marks the 60th anniversary of the Society of Canadian Artists. The show will feature 51 artworks by 41 artists from across Canada, representing five provinces. Five artists will be honoured with awards totaling $3,000, including the prestigious Mary Pratt Crystal Award.

The Mary Pratt Crystal Award was created in 2014 in recognition of renowned Newfoundland and Labrador artist, Mary Pratt. Pratt is one of Canada’s most respected artists and has been an active member and Ambassador of the Canadian arts community for over 50 years. She has served on the Canada Council for the Arts and was named Companion of the Order of Canada in 1996. Mary Pratt is an honorary member of The Society of Canadian Artists.

Established in 1976, Gallery 78 is the oldest private art gallery in New Brunswick, representing both established and emerging artists, focusing primarily on Atlantic Canada, with emphasis on art making in New Brunswick.

Paintings, sculpture, photography, original prints, and one-of-a kind fine crafts are offered in frequently changing displays in a stately Queen Anne Revival home. Visit the gallery for superb art, consummate service, excellent counsel and a fresh perspective.

About the Society of Canadian Artists – The Society of Canadian Artists is a national, non-profit artists’ organization dedicated to expanding the visibility and stature of the visual arts. SCA has representation in all of the visual arts media. We respect our historical roots, are aware of our current world, and are future-minded.

The SCA is comprised of almost 400 elected and associate members from across Canada.

For more information contact Ortansa Moraru, (647) 919-6864, or visit

Notice from GNB: Music Industry Development Program (MID)

In a continuous effort to streamline our activities and better service our stakeholders, the Department of Tourism, Heritage and Culture is partnering with Music NB to deliver the Music Industry Development Program (MID) on its behalf effective June 1st 2017.


  • New Brunswick joins its Atlantic counterparts in having its music industry association (MIA) administer its music industry development funding programs. This arrangement has served the sector well in the other provinces and we are confident that Music NB will be an excellent steward of this popular grant Program, on behalf of government.
  • Please be assured that the MID Program will not be changed in any way in terms of guidelines and budget.
  • Music NB will take on this work for the 2017-18 fiscal year and the new arrangement may continue for years to come providing both parties are pleased with the outcome.
  • GNB and Music NB commit to ensuring any changes to the Program, or its administration, will be jointly communicated to industry stakeholders.

The Sheila Hugh Mackay Foundation is pleased to announce the 2017 recipients of the Sheilas.

As an independent charitiable organization, SHMF invited grant applications for projects that would enhance the infrastructure of organizations serving the visual arts in New Brunswick. Selected on the recommendation of an independent assessment panel, the following projects have been chosen for their promise to make a meaningful contribution to the growth of visual arts in the province.

  • Restigouche Regional Museum Association
  • Andrew and Laura McCain Art Studio’s River Arts Centre
  • Charlotte Street Arts Centre
  • Sunbury Shores Arts and Nature Centre
  • ArtsLink NB
  • Third Space Artist Run Centre

The Board of Directors is grateful for the professional advice and recommendations of the following members of a 2017 review and selection committee: Marc Braithewaite, President NBCCD; Rosalind Rosenfeld, writer, critic and ARC organizer; Maurice Henri, photographer and arts community builder; Kelly Evans, Executive Director of the Greater Saint John Community Foundation and Elizabeth O’Hara, deputy mayor of Quispamsis.

For more information on the 2017 infrastructure projects.